Edda Hamar

Edda Hamar co-founded Undress Runways, building a movement pushing for sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry without compromising style. Edda also launched The Naked Mag in 2014, advocating for diversity, respect, equality, sustainability and smart textiles in the fashion industry.

“Our purpose is to educate consumers about sustainable fashion and to change the stigma around it,” says Edda. As co-founder of Undress Runways, Edda has built a movement to educate and inspire people to choose ethically and sustainably produced clothing and promote sustainable consumerism, decent work and ecologically friendly fashions. “We are showing people that sustainability is the future, and that you don’t have to compromise your style to be ethical,” she said.

Through Undress Runways, Edda leads a multifaceted effort to connect sustainability and fashion. The annual fashion show engages more than 50,000 people celebrating forward-thinking fashion designers from across the globe. The Naked Mag is an annually published magazine that advocates for diversity, respect and equality, and profiles the best of the industry. And ‘VIHN’ is an emerging label designed to create opportunities for mainstream garment workers to move into ethical workplaces. “There’s always a story behind the clothes, and we want people to choose the positive stories,” Edda said.