Amélie Jézabel Mariage is a co-founder of Aprendices Visuales and advocates for children rights to access inclusive education in Spain and around the world. Aprendices Visuales is an award winning tech non-profit whose use the power of visual learning to teach children. At the intersection of innovation and education, Amélie and her partner Miriam Reyes, developed a series of e-books and apps with pictograms, in 5 languages to teach autonomy, social, and emotional skills, reaching 1 million children.

Amélie’s interest in education was sparked at an early age when she was confronted with the reality that not every child is granted an equal opportunity to receive a great education. Amélie says, “It [her interest] grew 6 years ago, just after her little cousin was diagnosed with autism.” Through him, they quickly discovered the meaning of being part of a minority and they personally experienced the barriers to accessing inclusive education. Ever since, they have been involved in the challenge to transform the way teaching is done in primary schools.

Aprendices Visuales has received numerous awards to make learning inclusive for all the children, between them, the Social Innovation Tournament of EIB, the Princess of Girona, social award, granted by SSMM the Kings of Spain. Amélie was selected among the most influential young people in Europe by Forbes magazine and she recently had the chance to participate in the Nobel Peace Prize Summit.

She is passionate about reforms that help children gain access to a inclusive education. Amélie is currently leading a new education project named, Escuelas Visuales – Visual Schools – a program based on visual learning methodology that allows every child to reach his full potential. She believes that we can make the world better for generations to come by promoting equal opportunity for all children.